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Basketball predictions on Scores 24

A new season is about to begin in most basketball championships, which will lead to a lot of betting offers on this sport in bookmakers’ lines. With so many games being played on a daily basis, there is a temptation to make money on basketball.

Experienced cappers have already started to examine the situation within the teams, squad changes, and more. But newcomers in betting, or people who do not have time to sit and analyze the upcoming matches for long, can use the website Scores 24. This platform features basketball predictions for today from experts who know the sport well.

Advantages of predictions offered by Scores 24:

  • all content is absolutely free;
  • coverage of a large number of matches from different leagues;
  • there is an opportunity to compare the odds in the best bookmakers’ offices and bet with the most favorable odd;
  • the capability to track the results of matches online directly on the website;
  • the forecasts are accompanied by a detailed description with high-quality analysis.

But basketball betting has its own features. There are even differences between individual championships. For example, FIBA games have a number of differences from the NBA, starting with the duration of the games and ending with the size of the basketball court. In this article, we will discuss the features of betting on EuroLeague events.

Free EuroLeague predictions on Scores 24

The popularity of the EuroLeague has increased in recent years. Despite the fact that Europe’s main tournament still lags behind the American NBA in the number of viewers and in demand among bettors, betting on the EuroLeague becomes increasingly popular. This trend is also featured on Scores 24, which publishes free basketball predictions.

In the early stages of the tournament, betting on EuroLeague games can be challenging even for experienced cappers. But such an online portal as Scores 24 will always provide bettors with predictions prepared by professionals. They use the maximum amount of reliable data to analyze the upcoming events. Analysts also adhere to certain strategies in predicting.

Features of the EuroLeague Basketball

The rules of the EuroLeague are very simple. The same goes for the calendar, which is much easier to understand for newcomers than the NBA schedule. Here are the key features to be kept in mind:

  • Every season starts with the regular championship. This is the group stage, in which there are two rounds. That is, each team plays two games against all opponents (one at home and one away).
  • Only the top eight teams from the regular championship make it to the playoffs.
  • In the quarterfinals, the losers leave the tournament and the winners advance to the Final Four.
  • The finals consist of semifinals, finals, and a game for third place.
  • Unlike the NBA, where teams determine the winner in a four-game series throughout the playoff round, all semifinals and finals in the EuroLeague consist of one game.

Before the start of the new EuroLeague season, it is recommended to carefully study the rosters. As experience has proven, the leaders of the tournament change every year and any club can become the new favorite. Everything depends on the selection of athletes and their chemistry.

Where to bet on the EuroLeague

The EuroLeague is quite a popular tournament among bettors. Therefore, its tournaments are well represented in almost all bookmakers’ offices.

Another thing is the quality of the basketball line. In each company the level of odds and the width of the action line are different.

It is clear that for betting it is better to choose those bookmakers who offer the highest odds. You can do it with the help of Scores 24, which offers a comparison of odds from the most popular betting companies. To do so, visit the match center of the sporting event and scroll down the page. The website offers only verified and reliable bookmakers, which have a good reputation among players and experts.

Therefore, it is recommended to have accounts at several gambling platforms at once to be able to take advantage of the offered odds. Sometimes the difference in odds does not seem significant, but if you bet regularly, the higher odds significantly increase the net profit in a long run.

How to bet on basketball

Many gamblers bet on basketball out of sporting interest only. But most bettors still aim to make a financial profit by playing in the bookmaker’s office.

To make money from betting, bettors should follow some rules and principles. It is easier to increase the chances of success if bettors:

  • have a good understanding of the rules of basketball;
  • analyze matches before making a bet (the Scores 24 website is a perfect tool for this purpose);
  • know the teams, their squads, tactics, and style of play, as well as the physical and mental fitness of the players;
  • are able to analyze the matches correctly, as well as the lines of bookmakers and changes in quotes;
  • take into account the opinion of experts and professional forecasters;
  • monitor the championship news to be aware of all events that may affect the outcome of the match;
  • use strategies for betting on basketball.

The best odds are always offered for highly ranked tournaments. This includes the EuroLeague. As a rule, bets for these events appear a day before the game. Around the same time predictions are published on the Scores 24 platform.


Basketball is one of the most promising disciplines for sports betting. And the most popular European championship takes an important place in the line of every bookmaker’s office.

The advantage of the EuroLeague is that the matches are played almost daily, and it is easy enough to analyze them because there is always a lot of useful information freely available. Scores 24 provides a huge amount of data for a thorough analysis of upcoming matches. But the free forecasts are extremely useful for bettors, and they are published daily.

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