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What are the Do’s and Don’ts of an Effective WordPress Website?

No matter if you are running a bigshot company or just blogging about your travel experience, you are most likely using WordPress as your platform because of its flexibility, huge community support forums, and its open source nature. If you don’t know how to build a website on WordPress, have a look at these WordPress beginner tutorials. You must know that there are many do’s and don’ts that renders your WordPress website successful. We have listed some of them below.


  1. Bootstrapping

This means running the website without any kind of investors. Many successful WordPress website users suggest to go for bootstrapping as it is ideal for business owners starting with WordPress. It has a strong community support and is free to begin with. There is minimal risk involved and the rewards are yours truly. WordPress has always managed to keep the platform powerful, fresh and up to date.

  1. Create client/customer benefits

WordPress comes bearing number of benefits for your clients and customers as well. It updates automatically and lets you reach out to the customer base. You can make the most of the advanced security features, multi language support, personalization options, multi currency support and multimedia. It also helps in creating a secure environment by having your preferred shipping method and payment with your native currency. The blogs can be easily shared on social media, users can add comments and feedback and you can also personalize your content.


  1. Procrastinate

There will be a few instances where you don’t want to update the site. You may think that creating content and promoting on social media is too much hassle. But, these are the very factors that will render your website successful. So, never procrastinate, as in the future you may find the website plummeting from its progress in the SEO as well.

  1. Steal other’s work

Never copy someone else’s content and paste it on your site just to call it your own creation. If you do want to share, you can give them credit by embedding a link that redirects to the original website. You can also add an excerpt to their work on your site, including a link and work with your own ideas. The gist here is that amazing content can be shared to your site, but never call it your own work.

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