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Traditional Versus Lean Manufacturing Concepts

Whenever we consider lean manufacturing we consider work cells, kanban cards, TQM and so forth. However, many people perform a fundamental mistake. That’s the mistake of lacking the knowledge of the concepts which lean manufacturing built on. Lots of people who copied lean manufacturing unsuccessful because they didn’t understood the concepts behind lean manufacturing.

We shall provide a simple definition to lean manufacturing before we go further. Lean manufacturing can be explained as an organized method of continuously identify and take away the wastes in the system. All of the techniques and tools derive from fulfillment of the simple requirement.

To recognize the conceptual distinction between lean manufacturing and traditional manufacturing, we’ll take a look at the meaning given above. There’s an essential word to notice. That’s “Removing”. Removing of waste in the system may not seem completely different to minimization of wastes within the system, what we should talk in conventional manufacturing. But be cautious. Both of these words are not the same poor manufacturing (or perhaps services).

Whenever you consider minimizing of waste, you are looking at the present system in which you have wastes. You consider minimizing individuals wastes by fine tuning the machine. Whenever you consider eliminating or removing wastes in the system, you’ll have to discover the causes for that wastes and take away them in the system. What this means is that you may have to redefine the procedure in a manner that there aren’t any wastes generated. So within the first situation you reside within the system where you can find wastes, and find it difficult to acquire some improvement. Within the later, you alter the machine to ensure that system itself won’t have the wastes. Are they not really different?

I provides you with yet another example to explain the conceptual distinction between lean manufacturing and traditional manufacturing. Consider Operate In Progress (WIP). Inside a traditional manufacturing process WIP is treated being an asset which will help to operate the procedure easily. Lean manufacturing though, treats WIP like a waste itself. Further, lean manufacturing treats WIP like a mirror which reflects the imperfection from the system.

I’m able to continue explaining conceptual variations scalping strategies have. But it is crucial to know one factor about lean manufacturing. Lean manufacturing isn’t a fine tuning towards the traditional manufacturing system you’d. It’s a different system. So that you can implement lean manufacturing properly, comprehend the conceptual variations between lean manufacturing and traditional manufacturing.

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