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Pure nickel pipe

Nickel Pipe is one of the most used metal pipes in piping applications. Due to the preferable characteristics of nickel it is one of the preferred alloys in metal pipes. The characteristics of nickel make it suitable for different harsh conditions. Nickel Pipes have very good resistance against corrosion in acidic and alkaline environments. Nickel is also anti corrosive even in molten states. Nickel is also resistant to all types of dry gases at room temperature. Therefore nickel material can be used in applications that manufacture and handle chemicals at temperatures above 300 degree Celsius. Nickel Pipe can also be used in aniline hydrochloride production systems. Pure nickel is excellent in corrosion resistance. Pure nickel pipe is 99% nickel in the alloy. Because of the high nickel content, it can be welded easily.

When welding at high temperatures slug removal is important. Among different grades one of the most known grades of pure nickel is nickel 200. Pure nickel has the advantage of unique magnetic properties such as low vapour pressure, high thermal conductivity and high electrical conductivity. Due to the high strength and anti-corrosive properties of nickel, nickel pipes are used in petrochemical industries, oil and gas industry, power plants, pharmaceuticals industry, chemical industries, food and beverages industry and in sugar industries as well. The nickel 201 pipe price is slightly higher than the 200 type because it has slightly lower carbon content. This prevents the material from embrittlement due to lower intergranular corrosion during welding of the pipes.

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