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Product Boxes

Product packaging is an area that can make or break a company’s reputation. The packaging style represents your brand, the design and materials used protect the products and how it looks aids in capturing consumer’s attention. Besides that, product packaging can increase customer satisfaction especially in the delivery and shipping process. For these reasons, your product boxes should meet the standards as the success of the product depends on it.

What we offer

In the years we have been in business, we have designed product boxes for different clients cutting across all industries. We have learnt to observe the design trends, pay attention to the industry’s products and listen to our clients for us to come up with a product box that reflects well on the company.

For every industry, there are certain rules that guide us in designing the perfect product box.  For instance, when making food boxes, we have to take into consideration the expiry dates of the items. For fast food take outs, the boxes are usually lightweight and able to trap heat keeping the food warm. Using the same logic, we design sturdy and thick boxes for fragile products such as glasses. We add the thickness and sometimes use shock absorbent wraps inside to prevent damages in case of a fall.

Custom boxes from Refine Packaging are designed in accordance with the product shape, type and size. We carefully measure the boxes to fit the products and adhere to the environmental conditions for the product’s survival.

In terms of materials, we use eco-friendly materials. The corrugated boxes usually cater for the heavier products and for batch packaging while paperboards are perfect for single items like shoes or toys. However, we are not restricted to these materials. If a product requires a much sturdier material, say plastic, we shall as well design it for you with biodegradable plastics.


Getting the dimensions right is one half of the job. The other is adding customizations to move your products off the shelves quickly.

In this process, we sit with clients so that we can understand what they need for their box. The customizations we do are not only about the graphics and the outlook, but also the design.  This means that we can design a product box that opens in different styles.  The design can also have trays with compartments depending on the product to be contained.

For the graphics, we pay attention to the brands color, logo and product in order to come up with a box that is easily noticeable and unique. A box that becomes your identity and sticks in customer’s minds.

In conclusion, product boxes can save your brand and give you an added advantage to your competition. You can consult with us for the best product box design ideas or improvements.

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