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Popular web design concepts in Singapore

A top web design Singapore agency focuses on creating a site that can be quickly figured out and maneuvered. Here are a few techniques that are popular in Singapore to achieve a user-friendly website:


Focus on the user: It is important to know what a user wants out of websites. Users are extremely impatient. They are very visual, get attracted by well-taken pictures and graphics, but avoid large chunks of text. It is best to keep the site user-focused, or they might leave, causing a potential loss in sales.


Predictability: Customers do not want to play a guessing game while figuring things out. Things like navigation buttons, options, call to action buttons must be intuitive, with explicitly stated texts for enhanced user experience.


Simplicity: When it comes to web design, simplicity should be your mantra. Everything that you put on the website should be relevant to the user. Nothing should be too complicated, and if you are contemplating putting something on the site, it might be beneficial to avoid it altogether.


Consistency: Colours, layouts, fonts, etc., should be consistent throughout the website. A smooth flow from one page to another is vital.


While building the website, it is essential to keep critical elements constant and straightforward, so the user does not feel lost or agitated and leave the site.

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