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The dog has been known as man’s best friend from a very long time ago. A dog can be incredibly loyal to a human for a very long time. A dog’s feelings are not only attached to one individual but also extend to other familiar individuals. The dog is the only mammal that focuses on the right side of the human face that holds more facial recognition due to the use of the right hemisphere of the brain for that purpose. It imitates human in this aspect. Although, the dog’s retentive memory is not that exceptional compared to other animals, the dog is able to relate with humans in a way no other animals possibly could. A dog is capable of imitating humans and other dogs after watching several times.

A dog is a very playful animal and can be a little overwhelming and exciting especially when a large dog is trying to hug you. Their sense of smell is about 40 times more precise than of humans hence their use as police dogs and guard dogs. However, it’s possible to reduce the cortisol level of a dog through playing. A dog with reduced cortisol level is not as suitable as a guard dog.

It is pretty fun hanging out with dogs. Most people often prioritize their dogs over other things. Dogs can be very comforting as they are empathetic creatures. They are easily swayed by crying humans and end up sniffing and slightly the nudging the human.

Dog portraits

Portraits are excellent alternatives to pictures. You could get a portrait done by an artist or by doing it yourself. It is kinda adorable to paint your dog yourself. You get to paint while that fluffy cutie is looks on at you. Dogs sometime recognize themselves in portraits. Their recognition intelligence can not be fully estimated but they tend to maintain a new pattern of consistent behaviors when they see portraits of themselves. Such behaviors include:

  • Whining at the portrait.
  • Giving the portrait undivided attention. When dogs do this, gauging their intelligence level becomes difficult as the reason for sole concentration is not certain.
  • The dog might scratch the picture. This might be interpreted as the dog seeing the portrait as another dog.
  • Barking at the picture. This is the most expected behavior as dogs tend to often bark at strange things.
  • Raising ears at the portrait. This is not strange as some dogs often raise their ears when turning their attention to something new.
  • Sniffing at the picture. This is likely to occur as the dog might be trying to determine what the portrait is. The dog might even continue to follow the portrait wherever it’s carried.

A dog’s reaction can not be fully ascertained as assumptions can only be made. It is even very possible for an expert psychologist to go wrong about the reactions of a dog.

End Note

Capturing your dog in its lively moments and turning it into a beautiful portrait is a perfect way to memorialize your dog.

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