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Online Concept Of Virtual AGM

The digital meetings and conduct direct to high technological support. During crisis time, virtual networking has benefited many individuals. One such networking medium is the AGM. A virtual AGM is a gathering between organizations and their investors or representatives where reports are announced, proposals are decided on, and business is debated just within the context of an interactive computer event, rather than just an in-person venue.

Member engagement during online AGMs:

To satisfy the demand of ASIC that you may have assured that all members will participate efficiently in your conference, the patented technology or vendor you chose must:

  • Have a secure connection or Deckard that can uninterruptedly allow the meetings to occur.
  • It should support Group discussions live.
  • Ensure that elections can only be done by those who can vote.
  • Offer members the option of casting a vote live mostly during a session in the same way because they would if they joined in person, even though there is also the possibility of voting before the meeting.

Digital AGMs are likely to further increase in popularity, either out of obligation or because of advantages that many other companies and stakeholders see.

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