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Ledger Lives In Chinese – What Is It And How It Works?

Know what ledger live in Chinese is

The ledger live 中文 is the software or the application that you can download to use besides; the hardware ledger wallet. The application is available for download on almost all platforms and is supported by most devices. You can download it on both android and iOS devices, and; it will run smoothly on both platforms. They are available in the particular application stores for both kinds of devices. You can find them easily by typing ledger live 中文 and, it will pop the original application, which you can download and set up on your device easily and effortlessly.

The wallet is only for people who love to invest in cryptocurrencies and have knowledge about it. If you are one of those persons, then you might want to give this wallet a try and see for yourself if it is according for you or not. Do not hurry while trying it. Take your time to understand its working and the cryptocurrencies it supports as well.

How to use the ledger wallet?

As described in the former part of this article, the ledger walled is useful for those who want to invest in cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and many more. You can know about this in detail on their website. To use a hardware Ledger wallet that looks like a pen drive, you need to buy it first, and once you have bought one out of many available in the market, you can proceed towards setting up the device. To set up the device, you need to power it, and then it will automatically generate a code, which will later be used to generate a long-phrase. The long-phrase generated should be written somewhere because that is the key to resetting the forgotten private keys, which are used to access the details of your ledger wallet account.

Benefits of using the ledger live and hardware

There are multiple benefits of using the ledger live 中文 and the ledger wallet itself. The Ledger Live is the software version of the ledger wallet used to maintain all the data regarding the cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, ripple, etc. In contrast, the hardware wallet is used to store all the information about your account. The software is created as such that it does not allow any third-party interference, and the hardware wallet is also designed to keep your details safe and private. If you enter the wrong private key more than thrice, then the data stored in the device will automatically be destroyed so that no one can misuse it.

How safe is the ledger wallet?

The ledger wallet and the ledger live 中文 is quite safe, as discussed above, but what if you forgot the private key? No worries, you can reset it using the 24 words long-phrase generated during the device setup. Once entered correctly, the phrase will let you create a new private key, and you can do this as many times required. Just don’t lose the phrase, and also do not let anyone else have access to it.

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