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Exploring the Benefits of Cloud Identity Management Platform


Managing cloud identity and access in the modern multi-cloud environment can be challenging. As you bring new tools and services, your security strategy is challenged to monitor identities across these systems.

Traditional methods for eliminating risky entitlements need to address the complexities of a cloud environment. Ermetic offers a unique identity-first approach that allows you to prevent cloud breaches and data theft by automating the management of identity, permissions, and access risks at scale and across your clouds.

Increased Security and Compliance

Cloud identity management platforms can help reduce the risks of data breaches. These tools verify user identities, preventing compromised credentials from reaching your enterprise applications. In addition, they can automatically watch for suspicious login attempts and escalate incidents requiring human intervention to prevent unauthorized access.

These solutions also facilitate a frictionless login experience that helps users get the most out of their cloud-based services. This saves employees time trying to access multiple apps during the day. They also ensure users can access their cloud-based resources while on the go, which helps them work more effectively and efficiently.

In addition, The right individuals and job roles within your organization (identities) can access the resources they require to perform their duties thanks to the identity and access management system. As companies move to digital transformation, they often need to manage more apps, data, and devices than ever. This means IT teams need a robust identity management system that can handle employee accounts, access to data, and device permissions across on-prem and cloud resources.

With this in mind, many organizations want to migrate their identity infrastructure to the cloud. This approach is much faster than on-prem and reduces the need for capital expenditure on equipment, personnel, and upgrades.

Cloud IAM is a comprehensive security solution that can increase your business agility and help you achieve greater operational efficiency by automating user access and management processes, reducing the risk of manual errors, and enabling consistent data access controls across cloud, SaaS, and on-prem services. It can also reduce the reliance on passwords, protect your data against breaches and improve the performance of your business applications.

Streamlined Access

Identity management (IAM) enables organizations to control access to critical cloud services and platforms. This involves creating user accounts, granting access rights, and monitoring users’ activities to ensure they aren’t accessing resources they shouldn’t be.

IAM in the cloud also provides a more scalable solution than traditional on-prem IAM, as it can cover more devices and multiple platforms across an ever-growing tech stack. In addition, it can scale more efficiently to accommodate remote work, which is crucial to digital transformations.

Streamlined access is another crucial benefit of using a cloud identity management platform. This includes reducing the steps and procedures required to register users and access and providing greater security by automating user provisioning and account configuration processes.

To support these benefits, enabling enterprises to integrate and streamline identity governance for cloud and on-premises applications.

In addition, a cloud-based IDaaS provider’s ability to synchronize its user repository with an on-premises directory offers significant efficiencies. For example, a customer’s on-premises directory can be used to authenticate or supply consent mechanisms in a federated identity model.

Streamlined access can be especially beneficial for smaller agencies, particularly those from less developed countries and Small Island Developing States. for instance. It has received NIE approval through a streamlined version of direct access.

Increased Efficiency

One of the key benefits of a cloud identity management platform is its ability to help businesses improve their overall efficiency. This is because it provides an automated solution that allows organizations to manage user access, eliminating manual processes and saving time and money in the long run.

A cloud identity management solution can also be used to secure sensitive data in the cloud. It can help prevent unauthorized users from gaining access to a company’s cloud-based resources by utilizing SAML-based authentication.

Moreover, cloud identity management can also track and monitor access to different applications, databases, and assets. This can help IT security teams keep a close eye on users’ activities and ensure they only access those resources they should be accessing.

In addition to enhancing security, cloud identity management can also improve productivity by reducing the need for users to have multiple passwords to log in to their favorite services. This will help companies save time and reduce the risk of human error.

Another significant benefit of cloud identity management is its ability to provide a single sign-on (SSO) solution that gives business users one-click access to all their cloud services. This can improve productivity by reducing the time required for users to log in and providing a streamlined user experience to customers and employees.

Increased Flexibility

The increased flexibility of using a cloud identity management platform is an added benefit to many companies. This can mean that employees can use their devices anywhere at any time to access company apps and resources, making it easier for them to do their work.

Historically, many organizations used on-premises identity and access management (IAM), which required a server to be located on the organization’s physical premises. However, this method was prone to errors because IT teams often granted and revoked permissions manually.

Today, most businesses utilize a cloud-based IAM solution. This eliminates the need for equipment and the costs associated with maintenance fees. It also streamlines provisioning, freeing IT team members to focus on other responsibilities.

In addition to allowing people to access their apps and resources on the go, cloud IAM provides security and compliance benefits. These services include automated monitoring and AI solutions that watch for suspicious logins and escalate incidents that require a human response.

While most cloud-based IAM solutions offer similar capabilities as on-prem, they are less expensive and can be used pay-as-you-go. This makes them an excellent option for organizations that want to reduce security and compliance costs while improving their overall efficiency.

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