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2 Effective Ways to Add Value to Your Packaging

Packaging has a lot of purposes, it must always keep its content safe, be convenient to transport and convey necessary product information to the customer and act as a promotional tool. Many companies realize the importance of packaging and have used simple design for adding value to their product. As more products are available now than ever, you don’t have to rely on a single product for quality. Mostly the packaging determines the decision making process of the consumer. In other words, adding value to boxes from belley.net is important for business to respond to the needs of consumer and retailers. Here is how to do the same.

  1. Convenience

This fast lifestyle signifies that consumers and buyers are seeking convenience and packaging that is easy to use. Buyers are seeking packaging that makes their lives easier like packaging made from light materials, easy to open formats, resealable or reusable packaging and compact enough to take it around. In postal packaging, tear strips are built into number of packaging like postal boxes, book wraps, envelopes etc. This simple feature removes the hassles of opening the packages for the consumers and enhancing the overall packaging for them. Convenience also adds value to the packaging by making it easy to make, pack and seal. Self sealing packaging and boxes with fold and lock build are also great way to increase the convenience. It helps in reducing time needed for each shipment being sent out for making their packing room efficient and is a cost saver as well. When it comes to food packaging, you can find them packed in resealable pouches making it easy for consumers to use the contents.

  1. Health and safety agenda

While you respond to the customer needs for convenience is essential, health and safety factors are also considered. Packaging must not only keep the product in a great condition but should also be decided with the wellbeing of the user in mind. Health and safety is prioritized for many packaging designs and continues to improve the customer experience. Packaging must also be functional in feature and must help in identifying freshness. It adds value to your packaging. When it comes to food industry, antimicrobial technology is in the use to keep the content fresher for longer.

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