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How To Hire a Private Investigator To Find Someone

Are you looking for an old friend? Is a family member part of your great aunt’s will but missing in action? Perhaps someone owes you money. There are dozens of reasons someone may hire a private investigator. The key is knowing who to hire and what to expect.

Understand the Types of Missing Persons Private Investigators Search For

While some PIs will search for people believed to be kidnapped or otherwise a victim of foul play, a typical Las Vegas private investigator looks for people missing for civil situations. These include former tenants who owe money, court case defendants, people searching for biological parents, or an old friend or family member you lost touch with.

Be Ready To Provide Information

Before you start your PI search by Googling “Las Vegas find a missing person,” understand you’ll still need to provide information. The more information you can provide, the better, especially if the person you’re looking for has a common first and last name. Consider old addresses and phone numbers, relatives’ names, or where the person went to high school or college. Former jobws or even places they used to frequent for recreation may be helpful as well. Ask your private investigator what he or she needs to get started and go from there.

Investigate the Investigator

Hiring a private investigator can be expensive, so it’s important to hire someone reputable. Before you fork over any money or information, investigate your investigator. Ask for and verify his or her license (keep in mind that PIs do not need a license in Alaska, Idaho, Mississippi, South Dakota, or Wyoming).

Ask a potential investigator whether he or she has worked on a case like yours before, whether he or she has ever been sued, and what the investigation procedure is. Finally, verify references and sign a contract regarding fees and services.

Whether you’re looking for someone believed to be in Las Vegas or someone who seems completely lost in the wind, a private investigator will do all he or she can to help. Look for someone with a verifiable history to get the best results.

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